Frasier, Frasier & Hickman has been our client for awhile and they came to us concerned and confused. Their website was ranking on the first page, their site was optimized, they had social media campaigns and they had a brand new video that helped brand their Practice. Despite all of that, their new client acquisition numbers weren’t being met.


We first addressed their expectations and then the client’s “measure of success”. Most clients have been sold SEO with the expectation that great SEO means more clients, when in fact we both know that SEO practices are nothing more rules to a game and we (as marketers) can only ensure that our player is on the field, NOT that it will result in new clients. The probability is high that great SEO practices will result in better rankings, resulting in more traffic, resulting in a better conversion count, resulting in ROI, but we can’t promise it. The majority of all businesses thrive on referrals, word of mouth and indirectly, reviews. The statistics show that a customer will click into at least 3-5 different websites to compare, before making a decision. We created a “Reviews and Referrals Campaign” that we were to focus on for one month-ish. We utilized email campaign strategies and coached/pushed our clients to ask for the reviews while their client was still in the office. The client had some reviews throughout the internet, but not a lot.


We saw a total of 10-15 new reviews throughout Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other Attorney specific directories, within that time frame. This in-turn resulted in somewhere around 17 solid case calls, but they were only able to take 11.