The Biggest Mistake With Websites

Let’s say that you’ve been in business for years now and it’s time to redo your company’s website so that you look relevant again. You’ve done your homework and you’ve located the Tulsa web builder that you were looking for. You’ve re-written the content of your website and made...
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Six Things To Look For In Your SEO Company

With so many SEO, web design, and marketing companies out there, it’s hard to know what to know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to look for. Some agencies specialize in only SEO or link building, whereas other large consultancies can offer end-to-end packages from developing or redesigning your...
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The Value of Referrals

Referrals in business are as valuable as the bottom line in the books. Have you ever played chess? Those who have, know that the good players aggressively move their pieces down the board, forcing their strategic will against their opponent. Effective at times, it inevitably falls short. “What happens...
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How To Get A Testimonial From Your Clients

It’s no secret that good testimonials are contagious. When you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed and you see that a friend of yours has posted a video or is referring to a great service or product, nine times out of ten you stop and check out whatever they are...
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What Makes a Good Logo?

Think of the Starbucks logo. Your mind instantly brought up that green and white circular siren. Now think of the McDonald’s logo. Again, you didn’t have to search – your mind instantly brought up those iconic golden arches. These are just two examples of strong logos done right. A...
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Four Critical Web Design Mistakes to Avoid on your Homepage

In your lifetime, you’ve seen more web pages than you can possibly remember. Depending on how long you’ve been using the internet, you’ve also seen the typical page design evolve over the years and even the past few decades. In that time, you’ve seen well-designed pages as well as...
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Should I Use Video Marketing?

Video marketing is an effective tool used by lots of companies around the world, large and small. A few notable examples of effective video marketing from the last few years include Ikea’s “Bookbook” campaign and Friskies’ “Dear Kitten” video. Videos are everywhere online, sometimes to the point of becoming...
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We Made a Blunder on Social Media. Now What?

For a lot of individuals and companies, social media is a new frontier. For others, using social media in a business setting is a substantial leap from the more familiar personal use. This can easily lead to confusion about what’s appropriate to post on a company-related social media account...
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Why Should I Work with a Tulsa Web Design Consultant?

There’s a short, obvious answer to this question: because your website is your company’s public face and if it’s currently anything less than perfectly optimized to your target audience, you’re losing money. You’re losing money when you continue to direct users to an outdated, illogical, underdeveloped, or even plain...
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