eXpect3 is a Digital Media Agency located in Tulsa, OK that is made up of an amazing team of passionate designers, developers, consultants, and dreamers. Our story as a company began in 2009 and was birthed out of a driving need to bring expertise, care, and integrity to a digital media and website design market saturated with mediocracy and gimmicks.

We decided from the beginning to be up front about who we are, to tell the truth, and to care more about our client and their specific needs rather than about gaining a profit. So far this has led to our success, and more importantly, our clients’ success. In addition to authenticity, our belief is that if you can tell people your story, they will buy in to who you are and what you do. At eXpect3, it is our passion to help you tell your story through areas of Branding, Consulting, Marketing, Social Media, Video, and Website Development.

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We display who you are to capture the attention of your target audience.


We analyze your audience and find what works best to show off your value.

Website Development

We use our creative design skills to intentionally display your personality.

Social Media

We help you grow your brand awareness and audience to fit in with “the cool kids.


We get to know the heart of your business and help others to see it too.


We coach you through the good and the bad to help your business's development.